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Everyone who knows Sophie knows that she LOVES reptiles.  Any kind of reptile will do, she’s not picky.  Dinosaurs, dragons, lizards, snakes, turtles, it doesn’t matter.  Yesterday morning she watched youtube videos of iguanas.  Who knew iguanas could be so funny and entertaining?

After the iguana video marathon, Sophie started off making a mobile of her favorite reptiles but then decided it was good enough to save as a Christmas tree ornament.  I can’t wait to see how it looks on our tree this year!

Sophie proudly displaying her ornament:

A dragon:

A snake:

A T-Rex

And of course, an iguana:

All taped to yarn and fastened to an elastic band:

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Dusting off the cobwebs

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Wow!  It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog!  I hope to get back to it regularly, I’ve missed blogging!

We’ve been doing ‘school’ off and on all summer but started the school year officially this week.  Every other Wednesday afternoon Parker goes to a friend’s house to play.  I think I am going to take that time to do art with the girls.  We did our first project this past Wednesday.  I saw this idea on another blog I like to read.

Behold, our stained glass window:


Creative or Demented?

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In trying to encourage the children to be creative in their drawing, I’ve been drawing some with them.  Today was very interesting.  Sophie and I were drawing away quietly while Sarah sat across from us chattering away and scribbling.  Then I started actually listening to what she was saying …

Exhibit 1:


This is a two-tailed hippopotamus that bit Sarah.  Note the tears coming from the eyes and the unhappy expression.

Exhibit 2:


Sophie eaten by a hippopotamus.  While Sophie doesn’t look thrilled to be inside the hippo, she isn’t crying …

Exhibit 4:


Mommy eaten by a hippo, notice a trend?

Exhibit 4:


This picture started as a large circle with a blob inside it.  As Sarah was drawing it, she was narrating a little story in a shrill, high-pitched voice as only little girls can do.  And I quote: “This is a baby in a jar.  Now I’m pouring the baby into the toaster.  Oh!  It’s sooooo dark in here!!!  Wah! Wah!”

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Expressive Writing

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Even though Sophie doesn’t know how to read and can only write a couple of words she certainly knows how to express herself!

This one is titled: ‘Little Sisters Don’t Get Into Big Sister’s Money Bank’

Note the detail: curly hair, big frown.  Yep, that’s Sarah!

About the next picture, I say maybe I say, “Sophie, Stop!” too much.  Dan says she wrote this because stop is the only word she knows how to write.  What do you think?


Body Collage

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Sophie’s art class at co-op last week made body collages.  I LOVE Sophie’s collage – it makes me smile everytime I look at it.


Math Made Fun

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Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted!  It’s the first time I’ve sat down to download pictures since my hardrive bit the dust.  Don’t worry – I didn’t lose anything!

So, we use the math curriculum Right Start Math.  It’s fun for me and the kids.  I wish I had such fun school work when I was young!  Normally the lessons are short and sweet and integrate a lot of manipulatives.  However, we read about one project that promised to be a little tedious, but looked really cool.  That was the Cotter Tens fractal.

Here is an excerpt from our math manual that describes the Cotter Tens fractal:

Fractals are a new branch of mathematics only a few decades old.  There are two types of fractals, regular and random.  Scientists use random fractals for computer modeling in order to study some of nature’s irregular patterns and structures.  Regular fractals, also called geometric fractals, consist of larger structures that are identical to the smaller structure.

The Tens Fractal, a regular Fractal starts with ten small equilateral triangles, arranged in the pattern of a larger equilateral triangle, the ten triangle.  Ten of these triangles arranged in the same pattern forms the hundred triangle.  And ten of the hundred triangles in the same pattern forms the thousand triangle, the Cotter Tens Fractal.

One purpose of the building this fractal is to help the children visualize and experience the repeating tens structure of our number system.  Another purpose is integrating mathematics and art.

Here are Parker and Sophie getting started:

And after many days, here is the finished product:

And Sarah made one too!

Lots of learning went on during this project. Sarah practiced cutting and gluing skills and learned about triangles. Sophie learned about place value, how triangles have 3 sides and 3 angles, what equilateral triangles are, and patterns. Parker also learned about patterns and geometric designs and reinforced some of his multiplication facts. And me? I learned that young children can’t cut 1,000 triangles without having a lot of backups!

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Artistic Kids

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I tell ya, my kids are soooo artistic.  I mean really artistic.  Sometimes it just takes my breath away!  And Sarah is just a budding Picaso, I tell you.  See for yourself…